Strategic Dialogue

As a neutral party, we use a combination of business understanding, meeting pedagogy, and Design Thinking know-how to lead, enrich, and secure your specific change process and support your business in creating clarity and direction while boosting your energy. That is strategic dialogue.

Creating consensus in complex industrial transformation

Strategic dialogue for a sustainable new district

Visualising the goal of the Close Care transformation

Change requires the right method

We know from experience that a change process can be complex. Unclear goals, multiple stakeholders, and hard-to-define challenges can create confusion, ambiguity, and even stagnation in the process. This is where Usify comes in.

With Strategic Dialogue, we further the process through workshops where all participants are involved, committed, and inspired. The focus is all on the dialogue and the people. Our role is to listen, guide, add new energy, and lead the group forwards in a safe and creative environment.

Consensus creates clarity

Our goal is to simplify the complex and create consensus, so that goals, visions, and challenges become crystal clear – to everyone. We often use imagery to concretise the different steps in the process and find a common thread by designing a visual dialogue map. Let us lead you towards meaningful change with strategic dialogue.



In finding common ground, we can begin getting valuable insight from our different experiences that can help us out on the journey ahead of us. Consensus is the key to a good start in your change process.



Throughout human history, we have used storytelling to convey our thoughts, emotions, experiences, knowledge, ideas, values, and dreams. Our brains are made to create, interpret, remember, and retell stories – an ability of great benefit when facilitating change.



This is where the true magic happens, when participants are encouraged to share both the mundane and the familiar, as well as things that may chafe. Dialogue allows us to get powerful insights and find guidance for the future process. It is much like going on an adventure in uncharted territory, with dialogue showing us which path to take.



Through consensus, anchoring, motivation, and participation, we inspire true commitment to the whole process. We take the various considerations of the individual participants and offer them guidance and encouragement in charting the path for their own journey.

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