Service Design

We can help you better understand the power of your service and how it is received by your users. With service design, we can further develop your service, giving your customers an improved user experience.

Why service design?

Truly understanding how your service works and how it is experienced by the user shapes your ability to improve and create new services. Services need to be reviewed regularly as part in order to improve and meet the requirements of our ever-changing times and evolved user needs. Today, competition within the service field is fierce, and customer experience is king. Users choose and prefer services that are easy to use and provide a good experience.

Make sure you fully understand how your service works and how it is experienced by your users. Make sure that it is your service that they choose above the rest.

What is service design?

Service design aims to create a holistic experience for the user. To succeed at this, we must understand who uses the service.

By adopting a holistic perspective and focusing on how users, employees, and businesses interact to create desired results, we can succeed with service design.

How does it work?

We collect relevant information about the service through interviews with users, user observations, or employee insights, for example. We map and then visualise the results to create an overview.

Because service design is built on co-creation, we often use methods such as workshops to elicit conversation and conduct an analysis based on several perspectives. We always collaborate closely with you the client so that we can adapt the method and approach to your specific needs.


Customer Value

Service design enables you to generate new offers for your users and new revenue opportunities for your business. It also lets you shape the tools you need for user-driven work within your organisation.


Target Group Analysis

Through target group analyses, you can better understand the needs and drives of your users. A service can have several different target groups, and user needs can be just as diverse. If you invest time in truly understanding your different target groups and their various needs, you will be able to create a service that suits them even better.


Customer Journey

One of the tools in service design is the customer journey, which is created on the basis of customer interviews and observation. The customer experience and process are the main focus points, and the purpose is to understand and be able to describe the flows and interactions that take place within the service.


Service Prototypes

It may seem difficult to test services, but there are several different methods that work well. For instance, you can use easily accessible materials such as Lego to build environments where you can test various scenarios and discover any complications or opportunities at an early stage. This is called a Desktop Walkthrough.

We can help you with service design

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