Culture and Skills

The two vital components to Usify’s ability to create and deliver the right services for you


It’s culture that lets us innovate, test, and try again. It’s culture that has the power to boost or thwart our strategies. The saying that “culture eats strategy for breakfast” is as true now as ever before. Today, how do we establish and develop a culture of learning with people – customers, users, and employees alike – at the very heart of it?


To us, skills mean the ability to turn knowledge and resources into real action and meaningful change. We often see that businesses already have much of the knowledge they need. For meaningful change to occur, however, this knowledge needs to be translated into fresh insights, offers, and behaviours. We can act as a catalyst in this process. An important element of all our projects is providing your business with the tools and methods to facilitate action and change.


Event & Jams

Change is often triggered by a significant event, starting out with a sense of community, new insights, and a first step in a new direction. Depending on the objective, we can hold tailor-made workshops for 4 to 50 participants or larger anchoring events that allow for several hundred participants. Or why not try a jam, a great blend of skills development and problem-solving.



To put your values, beliefs, and ideas into action, you need both theory and practice. That is why all our training events are built on both research-based information and practical exercises. We offer both standardised and customised training in all our areas of expertise, and of course available in physical, digital, or hybrid format. In our years in the field, we have seen that training is most effective when it is an integral part of an implementation project.


Everyday Life Support

It’s in the everyday that actual change occurs. We are readily available to provide support so you can feel confident about trying out new ideas. That’s how we can turn “we have always done this” into “what if we try…?”



The customer gets more value when we see or do things a little differently. That’s why concrete customer-centred activities and deliveries must be included in the business’s ordinary development and delivery processes. Even a small change in perspective has the potential for great new insights.

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