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In everything we do, we start with people’s needs. By taking Design Thinking as our model, we can enable meaningful change and design the services and solutions of the future.

Design thinking

Immerse yourself in the user’s challenges and create solutions from their perspective

By using Design Thinking, a well-established practice in designer work processes, you the customer can feel confident along the way without knowing what the result will be. Design Thinking is always about people and broadening and deepening our understanding of the user’s experience, needs, and context.

Strategic Dialogue

Simplify the complex and create consensus to clarify your business’s goals, visions, and challenges.


By finding common ground, we can get valuable insight from our different experiences that can help us out on the journey ahead of us.


Our brains are shaped to create, interpret, remember, and retell stories. Stories have a valuable role to play in communication.


This is where the true magic happens. The basis of good dialogue is thinking together and really listening to what others say.


Through consensus, anchoring, motivation, and participation, we inspire commitment to the whole process.

Culture and Skills

The two vital components of our ability to design and deliver a tailor-made offer.

Events and Jams

Change is often triggered by a significant event, starting out with a sense of community, new insights, and a first step in a new direction.


To put your values, beliefs, and ideas into action, you need both theory and practice. That is why all our training events are built on both research-based information and practical exercises.

Everyday Life Support

It’s in the everyday that actual change occurs. We are readily available to provide support so you can feel confident about trying out new ideas.


The customer gets more value when we see or do things a little differently. Even a small change in perspective has the potential for great new insights.

Service Design

Organise your business’s people, props, and processes and greatly improve the customer experience

Customer Value

Shape tools that suit your business and generate new offers and revenue opportunities.

Target Group

Analyse the needs and drive of your target group in order to better understand it and build a truly tailor-made offer.


Test your services by using any of the many established methods with our guidance.

Customer Journey

Use interviews and observation to focus on the customer experience and become familiar with how flows and interactions take place.

Interactive Design

Create a human-centred design and make technology accessible to your end users.

Sketches and Prototypes

Test and develop your ideas so that you can detect errors early in the process and build a solid base structure.

User Tests

Find out whether users find content to be relevant, which parts work well, and what needs to be improved.

User research

Who is the intended user, what are their goals and what drives them? How can we help them to achieve their goals?

Visual Design

Concretise the visual concept through the interplay of colour, form, typography, and imagery built on the base structure.

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