Visualising the goal of the Close Care transformation


The transformation of Close Care means adapting healthcare in line with population growth. The main goals are greater availability, taking action where action is needed most, and improved collaboration between the region and its municipalities.


To create consensus through strategic dialogue and by visualising the achievement of the goal of the Close Care transformation in the Östergötland region in 2030.


A clear visualisation that everyone used as a guide and an image of the goal to understand the current situation, the goal, and how to get there.

Customer Östergötland Region

Dialogue to reach consensus

When the Östergötland region and its 13 municipalities confronted a major transformation project, Close Care, they reached out to Usify to help build consensus among the various parties to the project. With the help of strategic dialogue and visualisation, it was possible to develop a picture of the parties’ common goal, which is now being used by everyone involved in the ongoing transformation.

The Close Care transformation is part of a national initiative to adapt healthcare in line with population growth and the needs related to this. The goal of the project is for care to be available there where residents need it. This requires close cooperation between the region and the municipalities – a challenge when both are struggling with scarce resources.

The collaboration began with a large workshop involving participants from both the Östergötland region and the municipalities. The workshop, which lasted a day and a half, was fast-paced and included many sub-tasks to get the participants to think quickly and freely.

By the end of the workshop, the participants had identified four issues of importance to a successful transformation. Usify then created groups based on the various issues and each group was given a task to perform for the follow-up workshop two months later. However, the pandemic put a spoke in the wheel and the second workshop had to be cancelled. Work resumed in the autumn and a large visual dialogue map was created depicting the current situation, the transformation, and the goal of Close Care.

The purpose of the visualisation was to provide a story that could be told in future dialogue. It has become a very useful tool in the region’s ongoing efforts and serves as a guide and target image for the current situation, the goal, and how to get there. Internal activities are underway both within the 13 municipalities and jointly among all project participants. The Close Care transformation has continued to be a high priority, with SEK 60 million being allocated to primary care and psychiatry elements of the project in the 2021-2022 Östergötland regional budget.

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