Strategic dialogue for a sustainable new district


Crossways Växjö is an urban development project for the benefit of citizens and businesses. The challenge was to involve all actors and jointly develop services that would exploit the advantages of digitalisation.


The goal was to activate participants through strategic dialogue and workshops in order to create consensus, anchoring, and cohesion in terms of common challenges, visions, and roadmaps.


Productive co-creation conversations and clarification of various initiatives, what these would contribute and potential roles so as to show the way forwards in consensus with the various people within the ecosystem.

Customer Skanska, Combitech & Södra

Dialogue for power of action in collaboration

In collaboration with Crossways Växjö, we facilitated strategic dialogue in order to activate and engage, create consensus, and create a space for new ideas for an ongoing urban development project in the city of Växjö. The area will be an innovative and sustainable meeting place for city residents that will even connect Växjö with people beyond the city.

Here, strategic dialogue means facilitating change and ensuring that everyone in the (digital) meeting place can learn from each other, engage in fresh collaboration, and strive towards a common goal. With Crossways Växjö, we placed human needs, sustainability goals, and the opportunities afforded by digitalisation at the forefront, regardless of whether those involved were employed in the private sector or the public sector, or whether they were in academia or were residents.

Participants said it was “getting clearer and clearer” to them and that they saw “many opportunities”. They were beginning to “approach the goal” and finding inspiration to “start making things real and head together towards our common goal”.

"We have identified interesting initiatives and will think about how to follow up on them. Our hope is to establish a solid collaborative group for these initiatives."
Skanska, Combitech, Södra

This success is partly due to Usify’s facilitation methodology and the constant creation of visualisations whose imagery made a complex challenge accessible and tangible. This allowed us to create an overview – a bigger, shared story – and to enrich that story with details so as to draw attention to specific ideas, connections, conditions, challenges, and opportunities.

The dialogue platform permitted a detailed visualisation that led to productive conversations and consensus among the people in the ecosystem. This made it clear which initiatives needed to be worked on further and how to move forwards to accomplish the new solutions in terms of collaboration and the district’s innovative range of services.

Following the energising strategic dialogues, the participants described the process as “intensive and rewarding” and said what they had done was “surprisingly good and progressive”. They also felt they had been “introduced to the project from a new perspective. Very valuable!”

"We have created consensus about how we want to develop Crossways Växjö in the future. We have reached this point with the help of workshops with selected people who, in various ways, want to be involved and drive development in Crossways Växjö and for the city as a whole."
Skanska, Combitech, Södra

Workshop Layout

Workshop 1

  • Review of needs of people involved
  • Idea generation regarding future service offers in district, with game plan and Legoo

Workshop 2

  • Re-visit vision and images of current status
  • Co-creation of roadmap to clarify how to shape collaboration on construction of smart and sustainable district

Workshop 3

  • Revise details and create a whole
  • Add detail to roadmap, with proposal for shared responsibility for people involved

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