About us

On our way towards the future, we drive meaningful change – whether building a strategy, enabling a service, or creating a digital solution. Always with an emphasis on usability, sustainability, and profitability.

Our Values

At Usify we believe in our heart that humanity, design methods, and creativity are the building blocks for a better future. Or, as we put it in our brand message, “We see people and create opportunities for meaningful change.”

Our Vision

To be a responsive, driven, and inventive design agency that, together with its customers and partners, solves complex challenges and puts people at the heart of what it does.

Our vision is to create a meaningful and sustainable future through clever design

Contact us

We seek colleagues with the right skillset for our customers’ and partners’ current and future needs. We are service designers, business strategists, policy experts, management masters, UX designers, visual designers, developers, project managers, and more. You can reach out to some of our specialists here. We’d love to hear from you!

Anna Raczko
Design Strategist. Strategy and service development within health and social care and community services with user centered approach.

This is Usify

Usify is one of Sweden’s leading companies in the areas of service design, user experience, graphic design, programming, and project management.

The company has around 20 employees in three different locations in Sweden: Linköping, Stockholm, and Örebro. Since our start in 2004, our head office has been located in Linköping, hometown of our founder and CEO, Bjarte Bugge.

Bjarte feels a strong commitment to society and is passionate about changing what does not work. He also has dyslexia, which has been a major influence in defining Usify’s focus and core values.

In the early 80s, Bjarte studied to be a nurse. This encouraged him to investigate other ways of learning. A computer for spellchecking and a tape recorder that he used to create his own audio books helped him complete the nursing programme. After a few years in healthcare, he changed careers to get involved in transformation processes in the steel industry, banking and finance, shipping, oil, trains, and transport.

“We did amazing things! But did we create the right usability? We worked, in the traditional manner, from the inside out. It did not feel good,” he says. Bjarte has an unstoppable will to fix things and is driven by the fact that there is always more than one way to solve a problem. When he changed career again and left big industry, he went back to his own need to learn, gain new perspectives, and find inspiration through sound.

A design agency is born

It was at this time that Bjarte encountered user-centred design and realised that it was the link he had long been missing. This marked the birth of Usify. With our genuine grasp of problem-solving from a human perspective, we are able to strive for meaningful change on the basis of individual needs.

Our employees are Usify’s strength

Bjarte emphasises that Usify’s success is the result of its employees’ collective knowledge. The links that make up the chain are the individual’s needs and context, design as a philosophy of change, technology as an enabler, and people with the right skills.